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1 a particular geographical region of indefinite boundary (usually serving some special purpose or distinguished by its people or culture or geography); "it was a mountainous area"; "Bible country" [syn: country]
2 a particular environment or walk of life; "his social sphere is limited"; "it was a closed area of employment"; "he's out of my orbit" [syn: sphere, domain, orbit, field, arena]
3 a subject of study; "it was his area of specialization"; "areas of interest include..."
4 a part of a structure having some specific characteristic or function; "the spacious cooking area provided plenty of room for servants"
5 a part of an animal that has a special function or is supplied by a given artery or nerve; "in the abdominal region" [syn: region]
6 the extent of a 2-dimensional surface enclosed within a boundary; "the area of a rectangle"; "it was about 500 square feet in area" [syn: expanse, surface area]

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From area.


  1. A measure of squared distance.
  2. A particular geographic region.
  3. Any particular extent of surface.
    The photo is a little dark in that area.
  4. Figuratively, any extent, scope or range of an object or concept.
    The plans are a bit vague in that area.
    My guts are a bit sore in that area.

Derived terms


measure of squared distance
  • Czech: plocha
  • Japanese: 面積
  • Swedish: area
particular geographic region
  • Czech: oblast
  • Japanese: 領域
  • Swedish: område




  1. open space
  2. a threshing floor




  1. area; a measure of squared distance.

Extensive Definition

Area is a quantity expressing the two-dimensional size of a defined part of a surface, typically a region bounded by a closed curve. The term surface area refers to the total area of the exposed surface of a 3-dimensional solid, such as the sum of the areas of the exposed sides of a polyhedron.


Units for measuring surface area include:
square metre (m²) = SI derived unit
are (a) = 100 square metres (m²)
hectare (ha) = 10,000 square metres (m²)
square kilometre (km²) = 1,000,000 square metres (m²)
square megametre (Mm²) = 1012 square metres
square foot = 144 square inches = 0.09290304 square metres (m²)
square yard = 9 square feet = 0.83612736 square metres (m²)
square perch = 30.25 square yards = 25.2928526 square metres (m²)
acre = 160 square perches or 4,840 square yards or 43,560 square feet = 4046.8564224 square metres (m²)
square mile = 640 acres = 2.5899881103 square kilometres (km²)

Useful formulas

All of the above calculations show how to find the area of many shapes.
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Synonyms, Antonyms and Related Words

abode, academic discipline, academic specialty, acreage, airspace, amplitude, applied science, arena, arrondissement, art, bag, bailiwick, bearings, beat, belt, bench mark, bigness, block, body, breadth, bulk, caliber, circuit, classical education, close, compass, concern, confines, continental shelf, continuum, core curriculum, corridor, country, course, course of study, court, courtyard, coverage, cup of tea, curriculum, demesne, department, department of knowledge, depth, diameter, dimension, dimensions, discipline, district, division, domain, elective, emplacement, emptiness, empty space, enclosure, environs, expanse, expansion, extension, extent, field, field of inquiry, field of study, forte, galactic space, gauge, general education, general studies, girth, greatness, ground, heartland, height, hinterland, hole, humanities, infinite space, interstellar space, land, largeness, latitude and longitude, length, liberal arts, lieu, limit, line, locale, locality, location, locus, long suit, lot, magnitude, main interest, major, manner, mass, measure, measurement, metier, milieu, minor, natural science, neighborhood, nothingness, offshore rights, ology, orb, orbit, outer space, parade, part, parts, pet subject, pinpoint, place, placement, plot, point, position, precinct, precincts, premises, proportion, proportions, proseminar, province, pure science, purlieus, pursuit, quadrivium, quarter, radius, range, reach, realm, refresher course, region, room, round, salient, scale, science, scientific education, scope, section, seminar, site, situation, situs, size, social science, soil, space, spatial extension, specialism, speciality, specialization, specialty, sphere, spot, spread, square, stead, stretch, strong point, study, style, subdiscipline, subject, superficial extension, surface, technical education, technicality, technicology, technics, technology, terrain, territory, thing, three-mile limit, tract, trivium, twelve-mile limit, type, vicinage, vicinity, vocation, void, volume, walk, way, weakness, whereabout, whereabouts, width, yard, zone
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